3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC)

NEW! 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC)
• Sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
• Approved by NYS DMV for 3-wheel only motorcycle license
• Two day course – classroom and on-vehicle riding exercises
• 3-Wheel motorcycles provided by Can-Am (two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back)
• Designed for the student who plans to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle only.
• Waiver is NOT valid for a 2-wheel motorcycle license
• Pre-requisite: Must possess a valid NYS driver’s license.
• NOTE: You do NOT need a motorcycle learner’s permit to take the class! (You will need to get one later after the class when you go to DMV to amend your license)
• Because of COVID-19, each student must provide their own helmet and gloves.
MSF’s 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse is taught on school-provided 3-wheel training units (supplied by Can-Am – for 2021 only Ryker models) that have two wheels in the front and one in the back. If you plan to ride a 2-wheel motorcycle, you must take the BRC or BRC-2 for license waiver course.
Before you register for a class, please make sure that the dates and times that you register for are correct and that you can attend all sessions. Your class is NOT confirmed until we receive payment! Once registration and payment are made, no changes or cancellations are allowed and there are NO REFUNDS! This class is held rain or shine!
NOTE: 3-Wheel Class registration for 2021 is NOW OPEN!
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CanAm Ryker
The 3WBRC is a research-based and action-oriented core curriculum designed to teach beginning 3-wheel motorcyclists of all ages the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the street. It includes basic 3-wheel motorcycle operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills, obstacle avoidance maneuvers, classroom instruction and “on 3WMC” training.Graduates are entitled to receive the NYS DMV road test waiver for 3-wheel only motorcycle license. The license issued by DMV, after successful completion, will be restricted to operating a 3-wheel motorcycle ONLY and is not valid for a 2-wheel motorcycle.


  • No experience is necessary.
  • No student will be allowed to participate without meeting pre-requisites and required riding gear listed under the 3WBRC Ride Prerequisites. (No Refunds)
  • NYS DMV Policy states: All students MUST possess a valid NYS driver’s license or motorcycle driver’s license in order to participate in the 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse. Students will not be allowed to participate in the class if you arrive at class without a valid NYS driver’s license or motorcycle license. All students who are 16 and 17 years of age must have a notarized parent or guardian signature on the Participant Release, Waiver and Indemnification Form prior to the start of practice riding – NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no refund or re-schedule given. NYSMSP also accepts out-of-state student credentials that are acceptable to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. To qualify for the 3-wheel motorcycle road test waiver, the student must present a current and valid New York State driver’s license. Students will be required to obtain a NYS Motorcycle learner’s permit prior to using the completion card for the road test waiver. You do NOT need the learner’s permit to take the class but will need one to use your completion card (See Road Test Waiver Information and our Refund policy for more detail)
  • Students who possess a valid NYS Driver’s License and valid NYS Motorcycle Learner’s Permit may use successful completion of this course as an alternative to the motorcycle road test. Again, you do NOT need the permit before the class but will need to get one AFTER the class to use your card (See FAQs for further detail)

Cost: $99 for 2021 classes. Your class is NOT confirmed until we receive payment! Please note that no changes or cancellations are allowed and there are NO REFUNDS! This class is held rain or shine!

Our schedule is now available. Please click on the link below for the schedule.

We have partnered with BRP – CanAm – to bring you a great discount on the 3Wheel Basic RiderCourse.
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Helpful instructions to register: You will be taken to the MSF RiderCourse Enrollment System. Choose a class with an open seat (you may have to scroll forward a page or two), fill out the student information on the on-line registration form and click the “enroll student” button on the bottom of the page. You may then enroll another student or simply click the “complete registration” button to continue. You should read and agree to the terms and conditions and then put in your confirmation email address and click “complete registration”. A “Reservation Complete” page will be displayed, however, you must scroll down to “Training Provider Links” and then click “Click to complete registration and payment process”. A Big Apple Motorcycle School page will be displayed with “Complete the Registration Process and Pay for your selected class” and then you should click “Complete and Pay Now”. Use our secure, payment gateway to pay for the course with your credit or debit card. You must pay for your course within 2 business days of registration or your registration may be cancelled! You can also use the Payment Link on any page to pay!