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  • Diane from the Big Apple Motorcycle School on the track

    Which brake should I use? By George Tranos Most motorcycles in use today have two sets of brakes that are operated independently. One of the nice things about riding a motorcycle is that you can decide which brake to use …[Read More]

  • BMW F750GS

    Motorcycle review – BMW F750GS. By George Tranos I’ve always liked twin cylinder engines. My first new bike was a 1977 Suzuki GS400 with a parallel twin. Over the years, I’ve owned other unusual engine configurations including a 2005 Triumph …[Read More]

  • BMW promotion for MSF Basic RiderCourse students

    $500 in Rider’s Apparel to MSF Basic RiderCourse Students! by BMW Motorrad USA. BMW Motorrad USA wishes to reward smart riders who took the time and invested in themselves to learn to ride motorcycles the proper way. That’s why riders …[Read More]

  • Self assessment after a ride is important

    What motorcyclists need to know to stay safe. By George Tranos “Car hits motorcycle, driver says she never saw the bike.” Does this sound familiar? It seems every spring brings an influx of motorcycle riders back out onto the street …[Read More]

  • Proper ergonomics are just the beginning of being prepared for long distance riding

    Good fit is only the beginning to easier long distance touring! By George Tranos One of the most common questions that I receive as a motorcycle instructor is, “What bike should I buy?” My normal reply is, “purchase a motorcycle …[Read More]

  • How to become a more proficient motorcyclist

    Or what it takes to become a proficient motorcyclist! By George Tranos Do you want to become a motorcycle rider? Friends and family probably have tried to dissuade you. You’ve heard all the stories of the dangers of motorcycles and …[Read More]

  • What’s best for the beginning rider? By George Tranos Americans are obsessed by big things and normally equate bigger with better. Big cars, big houses, big boats, super-sized meals – are all more desirable. So it is with motorcycles. Most …[Read More]

  • Riding the Austrian Alps

    Motorcycling nirvana is closer than you think! By George Tranos Unlimited speed limits, hairpin turns, high alpine meadows, picturesque villages, cascading waterfalls, miles of windy mountain roads – all are available in abundant supply in Germany and Austria. Somewhat unexpected …[Read More]

  • New CanAm Ryker

    Is there a 3-Wheel motorcycle in your future? The Can-Am Ryker is an entirely new model in the Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup, which now includes both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder model families. The Can-Am Ryker is designed to …[Read More]

  • Which one is right for you? By George Tranos Back in the good old days of motorcycling (circa 1970’s), everyone started out on relatively small motorcycles. It was not unusual to ride a 125 or 250 cc model as your …[Read More]