Minimal Competency

Diane from the Big Apple Motorcycle School on the track

Competent or proficient?

By George Tranos

Most beginners at any sport are “minimally competent”. They’ve just learned the skills and need more experience and training to get better. Practicing the correct techniques creates good habits.  Ask any golfer or skiier how long it takes to become proficient … it doesn’t happen overnight! Additional training and coaching can help.  Riders can also develop bad habits by practicing the wrong thing over and over again. This creates ingrained techniques that are hard to change. The rider may not know that they’re doing something improperly and go many years without something bad happening to them. One day that may come back to haunt them when they are put into a situation where their skills are tested. Panic can cause all types of problems on a motorcycle and we tend to revert to our training when put into a stressful situation. Consider taking the MSF BRC2 Experienced RiderCourse on your own bike. As one of our past students said after taking a course, “I’ve been riding since the mid 60’s. I thought I was pretty much aware of what a good rider knew but BIG APPLE has given me insight I may not have had or used and proves you can teach an old dog new tricks!” Check our Class Schedule for upcoming courses and check it out for yourself!

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