Why Ride Motorcycles

FREEDOM – Speak with enough riders and they’ll all mention freedom. When you’re riding a motorcycle on a nice day, soaking in the sun, you enjoy the freedom of being outdoors. There is nothing between you and nature. You are not surrounded by a metal and glass cage – the sights are brighter, sounds sharper and smells vibrant. When you’re in control of your own spirit, the destination becomes unimportant and the ride is the thing.

TRANSPORTATION – Yes, motorcycling can be economical with most bikes getting over 40 miles-per-gallon. Some smaller motorcycles and scooters can get upwards of 60 mpg. Motorcycles also get a break on tolls, can go into High-Occupancy-Vehicle lanes and take up less space to park. If more people rode motorcycles, our roads would be less congested and people would arrive at work with a smile on their faces!

FUN – Motorcycling is fun. People from all ages and occupations participate. You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle (really!). Whether riding alone or in a group, in town or on country roads, doing it on a motorcycle is exciting and fun!

SOCIAL – Sharing your passion with others of like mind brings friendship and camaraderie. Motorcyclists love to gather to talk bikes, kick tires and ride! Every weekend, groups get together to ride. Normally, there’s a destination but mostly it’s the ride that’s the thing that brings people together.

VARIETY – There are many forms of motorcycling. Tired of cruising the strip? How about a track day at your local racetrack? Or maybe you want to explore those backroads where the pavement stops and there’s only a dirt trail? Try a dual-purpose bike for that! Want to have fun in a small space? How about trying a super-motard (supermoto) bike? You have lots of options and the rest of your life to explore them!

Ride Safe!
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