Choosing the Right Motorcycle

A Motorcycle

The most important consideration for your first motorcycle is that it fits you properly. You want to be in a comfortable position with all controls readily available. Your feet should be flat on the ground when you come to a stop. A new rider should not start on a high powered sportbike or heavyweight cruiser. Remember, this will be your FIRST bike and not your LAST bike! Don’t worry about having to sell it in a year or two – you want to gain confidence and experience on a motorcycle that’s not overly intimidating! You can always sell it to another new rider when you’ve outgrown it. For much more information on choosing your first bike, please check out Big Apple Motorcycle School Vice President George Tranos’ “Too Small or Just Right” in our Big Apple Bytes Blog. See our Links for motorcycle dealers who might be of some assistance in choosing a motorcycle that is right for you.

A Motorcycle School

Make sure all of the instructors are certified and they have had experience teaching beginners to ride. If you are taking individual lessons, it’s important for the school to conform to your schedule, treat you with respect as an individual and get your ready not just for the road test, but for riding in the real world.

Also consider if the school takes all major credit cards – we do and allow you to pay online through an approved and secure credit card processor. We feel secure in the knowledge that our classes will meet and exceed your expectations and are unafraid of providing you with the additional assurance and convenience of credit card transactions. We also will provide and honor any appointment days and times. You should know in advance when your training will be provided – we’ll provide you with that before you pay.

A premier motorcycle school will also offer testimonials from its students. Satisfied customers are our best referral! Big Apple Motorcycle School has thousands of satisified motorcyclists! Don’t take our word for it – see what the students themselves have to say.

Ride Safe!
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