MSF IME Information

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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) is a two-hour experience that provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with a motorcycle and its controls in a low-risk, controlled environment. It is designed for the student who has no riding experience and isn’t sure whether or not they should take formal motorcycle training.

You will not learn how to ride a motorcycle, but you will experience a motorcycle’s operational characteristics through an initial hands-on experience, allowing you to consider the possibility of formally learning to ride. You should consider yourself successful in this course regardless if you choose to learn to ride or not. This experience does not guarantee success in the BasicRider Course (BRC).

Group size is limited to three students. Pre-requisite: None. Obtaining a NY State Motorcycle Learner’s permit is suggested but not required. All training for the MSF IME will be held on the south shore of Suffolk County, NY. This course includes use of helmet, gloves and one of our training motorcycles. Course requirements are proper attire and punctual attendance for all sessions.

View our class schedule to register for a specific date.

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