Step by step guide

Step-by-step guide to getting your motorcycle license with the MSF Basic RiderCourse

    STEP 1 – Registration
  • To take the MSF Basic RiderCourse, you must REGISTER for a specific class. All courses are posted to our website at New Riders and you must select a specific class. Each class stands on its own and has a date and time for both classroom and riding. You must attend all sessions of that class! You will receive an automated email from the MSF RiderCourse Enrollment System when you register.
    • STEP 2 – Payment
  • Once you are registered for a specific class you must pay for that class using our payment link – please note that payment is required within 2 days of registration or your registration may be canceled. You will receive an automated email from our payment processor when you pay.
    • STEP 3 – Processing of your payment and linking to your registration
  • When we receive your payment, we will link it to your registration by using your email address. Please use the same email address when making payment as you did in your reservation. If we can’t link you through your email address we will use your last name but this may result in a delay. If we can’t find you, you will receive an email asking who you were paying for.
    • STEP 4 – Registration confirmation email
  • Once we link your payment to your registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email with more information. This will confirm the details of your registration including the dates and times of your course. It will also have the training locations of both the classroom location and the riding site. Note – these are two different places! All riding is done at Heckscher State Park! Classroom is done at our location in Oakdale.
    • STEP 5 – eCourse link
  • You will also be sent a link to your online learning component (eCourse) directly from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). This link will contain your user name (registration email address) and temporary password. The eCourse is a required component of your course and must be completed prior to the riding portion. The eCourse is included in your course fee – do NOT register for a separate eCourse through the MSF site – if you do so, we cannot reimburse any fees incurred!
    • STEP 6 – One week prior to your class, you will receive a RESPONSE REQUESTED email
  • This important email is a reminder and course confirmation which requires a response. It will include important information about your course including specifics of the dates, times and locations plus a reminder of the gear requirements. Please respond to the email using REPLY in your email program and include your name.
    • STEP 7 – Complete eCourse and print or save certificate
  • Normally, you will have up to 30 days prior to your course start date to complete your eCourse. Make sure you finish the eCourse completely and get a eCourse completion certificate number. Write down this number, print the certificate and/or save it on your phone. You will need to show this to the instructor at the classroom.
    • STEP 8 – Attend Classroom portion of your course
  • Make sure you know where you are going and plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your class! Again, the classroom is next to the Suffolk Harley-Davidson dealer in 4020 Sunrise Highway. This is the ONLY location where we give the classroom portion! Do NOT go to Heckscher State Park for classroom! You can wear comfortable clothes to the classroom and do not need your riding gear then. Make sure you bring your driver’s license and if you have a motorcycle learner’s permit, please bring that also. You do NOT need a permit to take the course! You will need to fill out both the registration form and complete the liability waiver before being allowed to take the class. The classroom is normally held either before or after your first riding session. You will be given a pass to enter Heckscher Park without having to pay (if it occurs before the riding).
    • STEP 9 – Attend riding portion (2 days of riding at our riding range)
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your riding time. You will need to check in at the riding location at Heckscher State Park, Field 7. If you don’t see motorcycles, you are in the wrong place! You will need proper riding gear (over-the-ankle footwear, long sleeves, long pants [no holes or rips], helmet, eye protection [faceshield or goggles] and full-fingered gloves) or you will not be allowed to ride! Note – riding is done rain or shine so bring rain gear with you! The first riding day is five hours long. We will supply you with the use of one of our training motorcycles. The second riding day is five hours long and concludes with a riding skills evaluation that you will have to pass in order to complete your course. If you do not pass the riding skills evaluation, you will be allowed to retake it on another day for no additional cost.
    • STEP 10 – Class wrap-up
  • At the conclusion of your course (normally after the second riding day), there will be a wrap-up session. If you have done the eCourse, attended all sessions and passed the riding skill evaluation, you will be given your course completion waiver card. This card is what you would take to the DMV. It allows you to obtain your license without having to take a DMV road test. You will still have to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit if you do not already have one.
    • STEP 11 – Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to turn your waiver card into a license
  • Only the DMV can issue licenses. In order to obtain your motorcycle license, you will have to visit the DMV. You might have to make an appointment to do so. You would have to take a written test to get your motorcycle learner’s permit if you don’t already have one. You can now get your learner’s permit online by clicking Online Driver Learner Permit Test. Once you have your learner’s permit, your auto driver’s license, the course completion waiver card and the applicable fee, you would amend your license and add the motorcycle license class(this is a change in license class). It would be one license with all classes – for example if you have a regular driver’s license (class D), you’d add the motorcycle license (class M) and have one license with class DM. Once you have your license, you are legal to ride on your own in New York State.
    Need more information? Please see our New Rider Quick Start Guide