Package 4 – Premiere Express

Our premiere express service gets you riding quickly and teaches you all the skills you need to help you pass your road test and be proficient on the street. Includes five one-on-one lessons performed sequentially in one day. It also includes our road test service. Your first and fifth lesson are one and one-half hours long. All the rest are one hour long. This package includes use of one of our training motorcycles for all training sessions. We will schedule your road test appointment, provide use of a street-legal training motorcycle, and also provide a car and licensed motorcyclist during the road test. Students who purchase this package will also receive extra riding time on the street plus extra practice time before the test. This is a savings of $180 over our regular prices. Our premiere express package is for new riders without any experience or those with a minimum of experience who want to start out right and want to get it done all in one day. We’ll start you with the basics to form a good foundation to learn from. Note: This training is only available on weekdays on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Hicksville. Right now, because of high demand, this training is NOT AVAILABLE on weekends!

Full Price: $645.00
Deposit: $100.00


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