Criminal gangs don’t represent all motorcyclists

We were disheartened to hear of the gang attack on a father driving an SUV in Manhattan this past week. While it is unclear whether the SUV driver was participating in road rage behavior himself, what is clear is that vigilante justice is never justified. Smashing in the SUV driver’s car and then beating him in front of his wife and child is just unacceptable behavior regardless of the circumstances.

Some people seem to group motorcyclists together into one negative stereotype and this too is unacceptable. We are individuals and most of us tend to ride safely and respect the rights of others. Just as there are car drivers who disregard public safety, there are motorcyclists who do this as well. Society should not lump us all together and say those who ride are hooligans. Most are law abiding citizens who are your neighbors. Many are professionals – doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. who are also moms and dads and understand what is morally right.

Let’s not let this one incident divide us and set motorcycling back 40 years. Those who ride do so for recreation and basic transportation. We save gas with our fuel efficient bikes and save space on the road and in parking lots. Let’s not bash motorcycling because of one gang’s action. Let’s celebrate it for all the good that it can be and do.

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