BAMS University for previous students

Big Apple Motorcycle School is now offering a new, unique approach to on-road motorcycle training and education. BAMS University combines classroom time with on-the-road instruction for a positive one-day experience!

Each BAMS University course includes:
2 1/2 hours of classroom
2 1/2 hours of on-road instruction
Breaks, lunch and materials
Cost $395 $345 per person

1. Cornering Finesse – bring your riding to the next level with this course! This course emphasizes improving cornering ability, crash avoidance techniques, street skills and on-road riding. Improve your scanning skills, corner setup techniques and smoothness.
This class is offered in the following levels:
  – Experienced Riders – those comfortable cornering at moderate speeds but may need some practice before attempting very twisty or challenging roads.
  – New Riders or those with limited experience – those who still feel unsure in moderate curves or feel they need to slow down for the corners.
  – Please contact us for days and times  

2. Getting to the next level of riding – for ladies only! A general review of riding techniques geared to women who want to increase their skill and confidence on their motorcycle. We will start with help to improve basic skills, learn the nuances of group riding and help instill self-assurance of your own abilities. Yes, you can do this and bring your riding to the next level.
  – Please contact us for days and times  

All courses include:
3-to-1 Student to Coach ratio
Moderate speed riding and real world conditions
Coaching on lane position, body position, cornering techniques, crash avoidance strategies
Our most experienced coaches to help you get to the next level:
  – Diane Ortiz, BAMS President, 15+ years instructor, ridden in USA, Canada, South America, Coast-to-coast rider, Ride leader for Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride (from Brooklyn to San Francisco).
  – George Tranos, BAMS Vice President, 15+ years instructor, ridden in USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Ride leader for many groups and tours.

Have a current motorcycle license or endorsement
Have recent on-road motorcycle experience
This class is not for beginners! If you do not ride and want to learn, choose one of our other courses.
Provide your own registered, inspected and insured motorcycle and a full tank of gas
Sign a liability waiver and release
Meet our paperwork, gear and physical requirements (see Ride Prerequisites).
Rain gear (class runs rain or shine)

Diane Ortiz, President of Big Apple Motorcycle School, with her BMW F700GS. Diane was ride leader of the Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride during July 2016 from Brooklyn to San Francisco. Diane will be the lead instructor for the “Getting to the next level ladies only” workshop.
George Tranos, Vice President of Big Apple Motorcycle School, attacks the twisties on a Kawasaki ZX6R. George has ridden extensively throughout the United States, in Canada, South America and Europe. George will be the lead instructor for the “Cornering finesse” workshop.
Skills learned through BAMS University will help you feel more confident and comfortable on winding roads.
Riders on cruisers, sportbikes, touring machines, adventure bikes and standards can all benefit.